Crowded Loneliness

 In an endless universe,
 On a piece of rock,
 In a quiet, dark, and cold orbit,
 We all travel together into the unknown.

 Actually, neither I nor you are different.
 Yet we are so alien to one another.
 How are we so lonely when we’re billions?
 I wish we didn’t have secrets.

 Each of us fights a unique battle.
 Impossible to know what one’s been through.
 Our only goal is to survive and adapt.
 What we expect are some respect, tolerance, and patience.


 P.S. Translated from Turkish. Here is the original.

 If We Were Together

 If we were together,
 Mars would end all wars and conflicts.
 Saturn would stop time.
 Ceres would make all flowers bloom.
 Apollo, Jupiter, Juno, Neptune,
 Pluto, Minerva, Mercury, Diana…
 All the gods but one would watch us admiringly.
 I would love you so much that
 Venus would be jealous of you.


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